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BabiesEach Nursery provides formula milk, cow’s milk, juices, all meals, nappies, wipes, flannels, towels and laundry service. These provisions are inclusive and free of charge.

Babies are cared for in rooms which are specially equipped for the needs of our youngest children.

At each Nursery we have two play areas – one for “Tinies” (babies up to approximately nine months) and the other for “Tweenies” (babies who are becoming more mobile). There are two cot rooms, two play areas, one feeding area and one changing room

With our babies we endeavour to keep their routines as similar as possible to the pattern followed at home with feeds, sleeps etc. taking place according to each child’s own needs. To help parents know how their baby’s day has been spent, we supply a daily baby chart showing feeds, sleeps, nappy changes and playtimes.

The Nursery has a wide variety of stimulating toys for Tinies and Tweenies such as baby gyms, push along toys, walkers, rocking chairs, baby Lego and musical toys which encourage and reinforce early development.

Each Nursery provides formula milk, cow’s milk, juices, all meals, nappies, wipes, flannels, towels and laundry service. These provisions are inclusive and free of charge.

ToddlersThe move from Babies to Toddlers is a big step as it is now that children begin to experience a slightly more structured day. However, many if the previous routines such as sleeping, eating and nappy changing continue as normal.

Whilst much of the toddler’s day is spent in free play, time is also set aside for other activities, such as music, dance, painting, baking and story time. In the toddlers “Messy Areas” the children are encouraged to experiment and explore with sand, water, paint and modelling materials.
In the main playroom a wide variety of toys and activities are provided to encourage language, social and imaginary skills; these include construction toys, jigsaws, books and materials for pretend play. The garden enables the children to engage in more energetic play with outdoor toys such as trikes, seesaws, balls and climbing.
Also important at this age are hygiene routines. The provision of small toilettes and sinks encourage the children to become more independent as potty/toilet-training and hand-washing become a normal part of the toddler’s day.

The staffing ratio of 1:4 is led by a qualified and experienced Nursery Nurse supported by a team of Nursery Nurses and Care Assistants.

PreschoolAt Abbey Place our Pre-School Nursery Unit comprises of three rooms which have been designed and equipped especially for the needs of 3-4year olds.

At Abbey Fields the same themes and activities take place in an ‘open plan’ setting with similar, messy, cosy, investigation, construction and Early Years fun educational activity areas.

In the ‘Messy Room/Area” children have the opportunity to explore and extend their creative and fine motor skills through a variety of media such as clay, sand, paint, water, glue, scissors and crayons. The Pre-School Playroom is generously supplied with books, puzzles, learning games, imaginary play equipment and materials for the development of reading, writing and maths. Our “cosy Room/area” is a quiet where children can work in small groups – listening to stories, playing games or expressing themselves through language, music and movement skills.

Out of doors the fully enclosed gardens provide a safe playground for the practice of gross motor skills with a variety of bikes, trikes, see-saws and climbing equipment, as well as smaller equipment such as bats, balls, bean bags, hoops and quoits.

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